Camel Rides in Dubai | Tickets, Experience, Tips & More

A trip to Dubai is complete with an authentic, Bedouin-style desert exploration. And what better way to do that than on the back of a camel, the ship of the desert? Camel riding is a sensory immersion into ancient traditions, breathtaking landscapes, and a chance to trade cityscapes for wind-whipped dunes.

Things to know before Camel Riding

Camel Riding in Dubai
  • Duration:
    Camel riding is a part of all Dubai desert safari packages and lasts a minute or two.
  • Seating:
    Camels usually accommodate two riders per seat, sitting sideways with a handler leading the animal.
  • Came riding ticket options: 
    Unlike other activities, Camel riding is short and part of most packages to connect visitors to the desert from the get-go. Although it is a short activity, there are different activities visitors can enjoy with these "ships" of the desert.
    Classic Camel Ride: This 1-2 minute journey is your standard desert safari inclusion. Relax, soak in the scenery, and feel the rhythm of the dunes beneath you.
    Camel Farm Visit: Go beyond the ride and visit a working camel farm! Learn about these fascinating creatures, see their routines, and even feed them. Add this as a pre-booked extra to your safari.
    Double the Dunes?: Craving more camel time? Many safaris allow a second ride, often with a break in between. Check your package or ask about add-on options!
    Standalone Camel Rides: Not planning a complete safari? You can book your camel ride session at the location with us!

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What to expect while Camel riding

Picture a gentle sway, not a rollercoaster ride. You'll sit comfortably on a padded saddle, holding onto straps as your camel gracefully navigates the desert. It's serene, almost meditative, like rocking in a cradle of sand.

Know before you go Camel Riding in Dubai

Safety precautions
Best time to go
What to wear
What to eat
Visitor tips
Safety precautions - Camel Riding in Dubai

Is Camel riding safe in Dubai?
Yes, camel riding in Dubai can be a safe and enjoyable experience with proper precautions. Like any activity, it involves inherent risks, but with awareness and responsible behavior, you can minimize them and have a fantastic time.

  • Follow safety instructions: Listen to your guide's instructions regarding mounting, dismounting, and camel behavior.
  • Dress appropriately: Wear comfortable clothing that covers your arms and legs to protect against sunburn and scratches. Sturdy shoes are essential for stability.
  • Hold tight: Firmly grip the provided handle or saddle during steep inclines or descents.
  • Be mindful of your belongings: Keep your valuables secure in a backpack or camera bag, as jostling can happen.
  • Don't rush: Take time to mount and dismount the camel and avoid sudden movements.
  • Respect the camels: Don't pull or hit them; they are sensitive creatures.
  • Stay hydrated: Dubai's desert sun can be intense, so drink plenty of water before and during your ride.
  • Inform your guide: If you have any medical conditions or concerns, inform your guide beforehand.
  • Pregnant women and young children: Consult with your doctor before considering camel riding if you are pregnant or have young children.
Duration - Camel Riding in Dubai

Camel riding is included in all Dubai desert safari packages. The activity lasts a couple of minutes, during which the visitors can take a stroll in the desert and get pictures.

Best time to go - Camel Riding in Dubai

Mornings and evenings both offer a different experience during desert safaris. Equally enthusiastic and equally breathtaking. You can go on a camel ride in the morning or the evening.

Morning: Since the morning desert safari starts early, visitors need not be concerned about the scorching sun. You will mostly complete your safari before the sun reaches its peak.

Evening: Evening offers a mesmerizing backdrop of a setting sun and golden dunes. This view of a calm desert as you hop on a camel.

What to wear - Camel Riding in Dubai

Loose, comfortable clothing that covers your knees and shoulders is ideal. Closed-toe shoes are mandatory for safety. Sunglasses and a hat are recommended.

What to eat - Camel Riding in Dubai

Opt for a light breakfast or pre-dinner snack. Avoid heavy meals before your ride.

Visitor tips - Camel Riding in Dubai

Respect the camels, and avoid loud noises or sudden movements.

Frequently Asked Questions About Camel Riding in Dubai

What is Camel Riding in Dubai?

Camel Rides in Dubai is an experience that comes as a part of most of your Dubai Desert Safari tickets. You can hop on the backs of camels and enjoy a tranquil ride in the desert. 

Is camel riding included in my safari package?

Most standard safaris offer short camel rides through the desert camp. Premium packages might include longer rides or scenic sunset excursions. Check your specific package details.

Can I book camel riding separately?

If your ticket doesn’t include camel riding, you can still enjoy the activity on the location for an additional amount.

How much does camel riding cost?

Prices vary depending on the duration and any included extras like photos or refreshments. Expect to pay around AED 50 for a short camp ride to AED 200+ for a longer desert excursion.

Is camel riding safe?

Camel riding is generally safe, especially on flat terrain. Experienced handlers guide the camels, and you'll receive instructions on mounting and dismounting safely.

What should I wear for camel riding?

Wear comfortable clothing that covers your arms and legs. Long pants and closed-toe shoes are recommended. Avoid loose scarves or flowing garments tangled in the camel's harness.

What can I expect during the camel riding experience?

Enjoy the gentle sway of the camel as you traverse the desert, taking in the vast landscapes and unique perspective of being atop this majestic creature. Some rides might offer opportunities for photos or interaction with the camels.