Dune Buggy in Dubai | Everything You Need to Know About This Thrilling Experience

Forget guided trails; carve your own path! Solo or with a partner, grab a dune buggy and become your desert captain. Ride silent slopes, chase sunset shadows, and leave your mark in the sand. This isn't just a landscape. It's your desert canvas. Paint your masterpiece with every dusty track.

Dune buggy ride in Dubai: Your booking guide

Dune Buggy ride in Dubai
  • Duration:
    Standard desert safari package: 15-20 minutes
  • Premium desert safari package: 20 to 30 minutes
  • Seating:
    Dune buggies are not a shared experience. Therefore, it accommodates two passengers per vehicle, seated side-by-side with a professional driver behind the wheel.
  • Dune buggy ticket options: 
    Separate add-on: Most desert safari packages don't include a dune buggy ride, but it is an optional activity. With premium packages, dune buggy rides might be included in the base price or offered as an upgrade option for an additional fee. Visitors can choose to opt for riding a dune buggy or quad bike in most cases.
    Cost: Varies depending on the package and upgrade options, but generally range from AED 400-800 per person.

Book Dune Buggy Dubai Tickets

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What to expect on your Dune buggy ride

Forget city slickers: These beasts boast monster truck-worthy tires, rugged frames for dune slopes, and nimble sizes for sandy twists and turns.
Maneuverability masters: Weave through the dunes like a desert cheetah, carving your own path to epic views.
Speed demons (at heart): Feel the adrenaline rush as you roar across the sand, conquering peaks and conquering the desert rhythm.
Front-row seat, virtually: Check out our video (link included) and experience the sand spray, engine roars, and epic dune climbs firsthand.

Know before you go on your Dune buggy ride

Safety precautions
Getting there/Transfers
Best time to go
What to wear
What to eat
Safety precautions - Dune Buggy ride in Dubai
  • Seat Belts and Harnesses: Our dune buggies have strong seat belts or harnesses to keep you securely in place during the exciting ride, built to handle the bumpy movements of off-road driving.
  • Stay seated and hold on: During the ride, especially on steeper dunes, it's crucial to stay seated and hold the grab handles provided. This ensures your safety and prevents falls.
  • Roll Cages: Safety is our priority, and our buggies come with roll cages for added protection. In the rare event of a rollover, these cages keep the vehicle structure intact, ensuring the safety of our participants.
  • Helmets: Your safety matters to us. We provide helmets for everyone on our adventures. Wearing a helmet not only keeps you safe but also adds to the overall safety of your desert journey.
  • Guided Tours and Trained Drivers: Confidently choose our guided dune buggy tours. Our experienced drivers lead the way, navigating challenging terrain to make your desert adventure safe and enjoyable.
  • Follow the driver's instructions: Your driver guides you and ensures everyone's safety. Always pay attention to their instructions and follow their directions.
  • Secure your belongings: Loose items like hats, sunglasses, or scarves can easily blow away in the wind. Secure them in your pockets or a bag before the ride.
  • Bring a light jacket: Evenings in the desert can get chilly, especially after sunset. Pack a light jacket or sweater, just in case.
Getting there/Transfers - Dune Buggy ride in Dubai

Relax, and let us handle the navigation! We'll pick you up at your hotel and whisk you away to the desert in comfortable transport. No need to worry about directions or sandy detours – just sit back, smile, and prepare for your Dune Buggy adventure.

Al Aweer Desert:
Close to the city, this desert is ideal for a quick and convenient buggy adventure. Expect smaller dunes and shorter rides.
Lahbab Desert: Venture further into the heart of Dubai and the towering dunes that offer breathtaking views. This desert is known for its challenging terrain, making it a favorite for experienced buggy enthusiasts.
Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve: Be a partof this protected reserve, with its diverse landscapes and wildlife. Expect longer buggy rides and a more eco-friendly desert experience.

Duration - Dune Buggy ride in Dubai

Standard packages offer an exhilarating 10-15 minutes of dune-bashing, while premium options let you conquer sand for 20-30 minutes of pure adrenaline. Choose the adventure that suits your thrill level and desert desires!

Best time to go - Dune Buggy ride in Dubai

Evening: Enjoy buggy rides, soak in the breathtaking sunset and enjoy the cooler night air, particularly during low season, October-March.

What to wear - Dune Buggy ride in Dubai

Comfortable clothes and closed-toe shoes you can move around in are essential. Opt for light, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Sunglasses and sunscreen are your desert essentials, and a bandana keeps the wind out of your hair (and adds to the desert vibes!).

What to eat - Dune Buggy ride in Dubai

Focus on lighter meals before your buggy ride. Most safaris include delicious dinners or buffets later, so don't fill up too much before the fun starts.

Seating - Dune Buggy ride in Dubai

Buckle up with buddies! Dune buggies typically seat two or three passengers, so grab your friends or family and share the sandy thrill.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dune Buggies in Dubai

What is Dune Buggying in Dubai?

Dune Buggying is an adventure sport that is a part of many Desert Safari Adventure packages. In this experience, you get to sit in a powerful ATV and ride up and down the golden sand dunes. 

Is the Dune Buggy ride included in the desert safari package?

Some safaris offer Dune Buggy rides as an optional add-on, while others may include them in the full package. Check the specific details of your chosen safari.

What are the age restrictions for riding a Dune Buggy?

Most operators welcome kids as young as 4, with adult supervision. However, pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions should consult their doctor before participating.

Do I need to book the Dune Buggy ride in advance?

Yes, especially if you choose a premium option or travel during peak season. Booking in advance guarantees your spot and avoids disappointment.

What's the difference between morning and evening safaris for the Dune Buggy experience?

Morning: Cooler temperatures, shorter buggy rides (around 10-15 minutes), ideal for those sensitive to heat.
Evening: Longer and more adventurous rides (20-30 minutes), magical desert under starry skies, warmer temperatures. Choose based on your preference and heat tolerance.

How much does a Dune Buggy ride cost?

Prices vary depending on the duration (standard vs. premium), desert location, and operator. Expect to pay between AED 150-300 for a standard ride and AED 300-500 for a premium ride.

What's the seating capacity of a Dune Buggy?

Most buggies seat 2-4 people comfortably. Some operators offer larger buggies for bigger groups.

Do I need to wear any special gear?

Loose, comfortable clothing (shorts, t-shirts), sunglasses, sunscreen, and sturdy shoes are recommended. Helmets are usually provided by the operator.

Can I drive the Dune Buggy myself?

Some operators allow passengers to take turns behind the wheel, depending on age and experience. Ask your safari provider for the specifics.

What about safety during Dune Buggy?

Expect seat belts/harnesses, roll cages, and trained drivers to navigate the terrain. Follow instructions and enjoy the ride responsibly.

What other activities are included in the desert safari package?

Many safaris include transfers, meals (BBQ, snacks), entertainment (belly dancing, camel rides), and cultural experiences. You can also club the Dune Buggy ride with Sandboarding or Dune basing. Check your ticket for full details.

Which desert offers the best Dune Buggy experience?

Each desert has its charm: Al Aweer for proximity and shorter rides, Lahbab for challenging terrain and stunning views, and Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve for eco-friendly adventure and longer rides. Choose based on your preferred experience and level of thrill.

Can I capture photos and videos during the ride?

Absolutely! Capture the memories of your desert adventure with photos and videos, but be mindful of loose items flying away in the wind.